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Since 1986 in Miskolc Hungary

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Most of our products are made from recycled paper.

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Our company undertakes the production of cardboard, corrugated paper, micro, 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply corrugated boxes, the processed volume of which reaches 2.5-3 million square meters per year.

We have a lot of experience in this field, since more than 30 years our main profile is packaging, box manufacturing.

Our technological know-how allows different cardboard boxes like self-sealing, stapled, glued or sealed. making slit stapled and glued boxes from matchbox size to pallet size.

Our equipment is suitable for the production of all auxiliary packaging materials, such as boxes, crates, trays, inserts, edge protectors and corner protectors, even in printed laminated form.

Our company has ISO 9001 quality assurance standard.


  One of the main profiles of Para-Mis Ltd. is flexibility, which means a short delivery time and a partner-centered approach when it comes to maximizing the customer’s satisfaction with the company. From small quantities of paper boxes to industrial size, from a match box size to a pallet size, it is simply intended to be fully functional, keeping in mind the customer’s request. With professional help and decades of experience, you will get the right kind of packaging material. On request, the vehicles are transported, assured, to 3 means of transport. FIFO uses it regularly in the production of boxes, always sending prefabricated packaging to our customers for maximum quality.  

Protecting the environment

  Our company is fully committed to environmental awareness. Most of our products are made from recycled paper and the rest of our materials are recycled. In addition, energy saving and environmental protection have become very important for Para-Mis Ltd. in the recent years, with modern insulation, solar panels and green license plates. Our company has previously been awarded the Protected Workplace title because 80% of the working environment is made up of workers with disabilities.

How to request a quote


After contacting our staff, we select the type of box and the quality, quantity and exact inside size of the paper.


After accepting a quote, you can request a sample box or graphic design. In some cases, we need to make a cutting dies(tool) for the type of box.


After the previous steps, we will start production immediately in our engine room. After production, your product will be shipped to the location of your choice according to the shipping method.

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