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Let me welcome you on behalf of PARA-MIS Ipari, Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft. and introduce our Company.

Our predecessor was established by City Council of Miskolc and "Béla Bartók" Mgtsz (Agricultural and Industrial Producer's Cooperative) of Borsodszirák on 3 July in order to help changed employment status of citizens' capacity to work, and to mitigate their problems.
On 1 September 1998 we have earned the title "TARGET COMPANY" granted by the Ministry of Finance, and we continued operation as an independent subsidiary by keeping our employment policies.
According to the change of law we earned the title "ACCREDITED PROMINENT DEFENDED EMPLOYER" on 31 March 2006.
According to the compulsory by-laws of Act LV of 1992 our Company continued his operation as Limited Liability Company from 1 January 1996. We were operating in the course of the last years following our goals, and we are proud of the fact that we could share our employees' work successes in decreased capacity to work. We strove for establishing activities in order that we could ensure for each colleagues meaningful and performable works.
Our services and quality of our products does not lag behind quality of products produced by other companies. Our present customers are aware of the above and we hope that our future customers will also make sure of the same.